Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bday DIY

Last month on my birthday, we began a DIY project for the studio. A sewing studio needs a cutting table. After working at the kitchen table on many a project, I am looking forward to a table where my back won't hurt from bending over. I know, you know what I am talking about.

The best size table for the studio is 3.5' x 6'. Home Depot was nice enough to cut some birch plywood to the exact dimensions.

It is a pretty piece of wood. We also purchased some birch veneer for the edges.

This stuff is awesome. You iron it on to the wood. It works great. A couple of years ago, I received a new iron for Christmas, so I threw the old iron into the Goodwill pile. However, when I got to the Goodwill I had the presence of mind to snatch it out of the pile and save it for those other craft projects that are not fabric. This was such an occasion and the old iron worked perfectly. The veneer tape is a little bit wider than the 3/4" ply, so you sand down the edges.

The hubby was a good help that day, then he got busy and it was up to me to finish it.

At first, I tried a spray varnish, but all I got was nausea and a barely coated piece of wood. On the return trip to Home Depot, I bought a paint on varnish and a face mask/respirator. What a difference the respirator makes! No nausea. No choking on dust. Note to self: always buy one when starting diy project. It's essential.

The varnish is oil based and I got three coats on, but I should have stopped at two. There is that point when you are all excited, tired out, and just want to get it done. That was me with the third coat. It doesn't pay to rush. The hubby was out of town when I took the top down to the garage. It is a big piece of wood, cumbersome, so I bashed it up on the way to the garage and left fingers prints in the tacky, meaning not dry, varnish. It's still in the garage waiting for more sanding and a couple more coats of varnish. Like most projects it is taking longer than I wanted. But I am taking my own advice after the varnishing. Don't rush it, take my time, and try not to bash it up.

I sure like making things, even big wooden things. It is so much fun.


  1. Congratulations! and Happy Birthday!

  2. What are you going to use for the legs? How high are you making it? It looks good in the photos!

  3. This is so exciting, Natalie! I wish you the best of luck & let me know if there's anything I can do help. :)