Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Room of my Own

Welcome to Sweetie Darling Handmade!

This is my new venture into business. This is going to be a crazy ride as I negotiate new and unknown (to me) territories as an entrepreneur. This will be evolving into a sewing based business and an esty site. There is an undeveloped etsy site just waiting for me to get me act together. When the shop officially opens you will be the first to know.

First, I needed a studio space. The hubby was all over finding me a space, with dreams of reclaiming the garage and what used to the be the office/guest room as a garage and an office. He found an affordable space in his old office building, which is less than a mile from the house so I can walk, skip or hop to work. Yay!

The space is about 180 sq. ft. and has two windows which provide pretty good light.

This adjustable height table from Costco is just the thing to work as a temporary cutting table/sewing table/desk until I can kit out the space.

The shelf and side tables didn't make it to the hubby's new office. The side tables have already been removed. The blinds need to be removed too. They are very cheap and therefore the dirt and dust just stick to the plastic. I gave them a good scrubbing but they are still dirty. There are lots of things to be done and I will document my adventures along the way.

Next up: turning a bare room into a workable studio from the gifting of the perfect bookshelf to DIY projects. Stay tuned.